EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Prof. Oyeronke. O. Ogunlade Prof. A. Yusuf Dr. O. J. Ojo Dr. Blessing Aboyeji Dr. O. S. Koledafe
dc.contributor.coordinator Prof. Oyeronke. O. Ogunlade
dc.contributor.dept EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY
dc.contributor.editor Abdulwahab Mahmud
dc.contributor.editor Mrs. Bankole Ogechi
dc.contributor.institution University of Ilorin
dc.contributor.leader Prof. Oyeronke. O. Ogunlade 2023-08-16T23:08:44Z 2023-08-16T23:08:44Z 2023-08-15
dc.description.abstract This module contains information about educational technology. It explains the concept of educational technology as being both a theoretical and practical field. The various definitions of the concept are explained. The module also emphasizes on media, models of communication and an all-inclusive discussion on the selection and use of instructional media are also discussed. The course explains the systematic planning of the use of instructional media for teaching and learning using the ASSURE model, conditions essential for the utilization of media and materials in lesson presentation, factor militating against effective use of instructional media in Nigerian higher institutions, and, audio and audio-visual media in instruction. The application of Computer, ICT in Teaching and Learning are also discussed in this course.
dc.description.objective At the end of this Module, you should be able to: 1. Define educational technology and explain the elements of the definition; 6 2. Describe media, instructional media, communications and instruction; and state the interrelationships among them; 3. Discuss types and values of instructional media; 4. Select and utilize appropriate instructional media for teaching and learning; 5. Enumerate the conditions essential for the utilization of media and materials in lesson presentation; 6. Integrate appropriate technology (such as information communications and technology) into teaching and learning; 7. Design and produce instructional materials from local resources; and 8. Identify/explain and operate basic instructional equipment for teaching and learning.
dc.description.users EDUCATION STUDENTS Grad
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dc.identifier.coursecode PDE 603
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dc.required.time 13 weeks
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dc.subject.discipline Education
dc.title.course PDE 603
dc.title.module Unit 1: Definitions of Educational Technology, Unit 2: Media and Communication, Unit 3: Instructional Media and their Classification, Unit 4: Integration and Selection of Instructional Media in Teaching and Learning
dc.title.programme EDUCATION
dc.type Book chapter
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