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  • Learning Object
    Food and Beverage Services III
    (National Open University, Nigeria, ) (Management Sciences, Undergrad) Adesuyan, AJ ; Onwe, OJ
    HCM 333 Food and Beverage Services, is a semester work of 4-credit hours. It is available to all students, taking BSC programme in the School of Business and Human Resource Management. The course consists of 11 units involving both theory and practical. Students are expected to do practical at the study centre and also visit hotels to be conversant with the experience they need to have for their future career.
  • Learning Object
    Copyright and OERs
    (National Open University of Nigeria, ) (Education, Non-credit) Okafor, O
    Open Educational Resources (OERs) have been recognised as a means to provide current and high-quality content in various fields of study. OERs bridge gaps of the inadequate number of required professionals and encourage collaboration that enhances the quality of knowledge and skills taught or learned. The need for OERs has become critical in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its potential contributions to educational recovery. Despite the availability of useful OERs, many do not know how to integrate them in teaching and learning. Therefore, in this course, you will learn how to plan, write, and evaluate OERs for integration in online learning content.