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This is a Semester course of the programme in the Department of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. This course is suitable for any foundation student seeking to understand conflict resolution processes issues in the field of Peace Studies, Conflict Resolution, Political Science and International relations. This course consists of 5 modules with a total of 19 Units, encompassing the following key areas, namely, the meaning of conflict, processes of conflict resolution, cooperative versus competitive conflict styles, conflict transformation, conflict resolution strategies, the meaning and process of mediation, who the mediators should be, skills and strategies of mediation, the meaning and processes of negotiation, bargaining, vulnerable, Alternative Dispute Resolution, international law and humanitarian principles. There are no compulsory prerequisites for this course. The course guide tells you briefly what the course is all about, what you are expected to know in each unit, what course materials you need to use and how you can work your way through these materials. It also emphasizes the necessity for tutor–marked assignments. There are also periodic facilitation online classes that are linked to this course. In this new module, students will be exposed to skills used in the conflict resolution processes.


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